Plan ahead and develop strategies. Strategic operations make money. Strategic establishments save taxes. Differentiate your business from others. Pay attention on taxes before the business becomes profitable. Ik Koo Kang, CPA help you evaluate your opportunities and plan for better.

Income is receipts in excess of expenditures. Tax is based on taxable income. This simple idea is not that simple, especially in tax laws. The Revenue Code is thicker than the Bible. The rulings and the court cases are million times voluminous than the Code. The key factor is not only how to operate a business. It is also how to plan a business, how to organize a business, how to establish an entity, how to transfer ownership and how to wind down the business. Ik Koo Kang, CPA help you:

  • Establishing and evaluating strategic business plan
  • Structuring entities and ownership for growth and preservation
  • Designing procedures and internal controls
  • Establishing and maintaining accounting records
  • Compliance with payroll taxes
  • Integrated individual income tax planning
  • Wealth transfer planning

More than 50% of the U.S. production is from real estate business. Developers, contractors, designers, construction manufacturers, renters, brokers, mortgagees, insurance, etc. You name it. You are a part of the real estate business. It is a living creature. We observed how the pandemic changed the industry. It will continuously change as the community demands. We need to understand the recent changes and to prepare for changes in the future. Not surprisingly, it is the most influential group to law makers and governments. This industry always demands exceptions and twists to the general rules. Ik Koo Kang, CPA Help you:

  • Operations review and benchmarking
  • Planning acquisition and disposition of real estate
  • Due diligence and debt structuring
  • Cost segregation studies
  • Construction accounting
  • Tax deferral including 1031 exchanges
  • Structuring entities and ownership
  • Succession planning
  • Estate/gift planning

Professionals pursue special interests and expertise. They frequently join together and integrate their services. They sometimes separate for better efficiency. They need to structure their businesses to accommodate these changes. Ik Koo Kang, CPA help you:

  • Designing compensations between partners
  • Cost analysis and operations review
  • Planning mergers and acquisitions
  • Structuring entities and ownership
  • Succession planning and retirement planning
  • Wealth management